2016 - Photo: Pasi Kajo

2016 - Photo: Harri Pöyhtäri


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Valokuvagalleria 30 v. juhlakeikalta, kuvaaja: Pasi Kajo

Greenhouse AC turns 30!

And we celebrate it with a gig!

Facebook-event here

Live photos by Pasi Kajo from Grande, October 8. 2016 on Facebook (no need to sign up)

Live photos from Bar Loose, October 21. 2016 on Facebook (no need to sign up)


Hyvät ihmiset! Lokakuun 2016 keikkojen kunniaksi kaivoimme arkistoista jotain ennen kuulumatonta! - Vuosituhannen vaihteen aikoihin yhtyeemme äänitteli vielä ahkerasti demoja viidettä albumia varten, mutta sitä albumiahan ei sitten koskaan tullut... Näiden demojen biisejä on soiteltu keikoilla, mutta virallista julkaisua ne eivät ole koskaan saaneet. Paitsi nyt! - "Showboat friendship/Little stickers" (digital single) ulkona nyt Bandcampin kautta!

In honour of our gigs this October: two tracks from a demo originally recorded in 1999. Remastered in 2016. Out now as digital single via Bandcamp!

Older news can be found on the old site



Greenhouse AC comes from Rovaniemi, Finland

Hannu Kulusjärvi - bass
Jari Mikkola - guitar
Jussi Nykänen - vocals
Jake Seppänen - drums

The band was formed in 1987 as "The Greenhouse”. First 7" single released in June 1990. First album released in 1992. Released four albums + a bunch of singles and ep´s in th 1990´s. Toured actively 1990-2002. After 2002 only some specially selected dates.

1991 (photo: Jouko Lehtola)

1994 (photo: Juha Mikkola)

Live 2016 (photo: Pasi Kajo)

Past members: Emppu Jänkälä (drums 1988-1993), Simo Huttula (drums 1993-1996), Pasi Kärki (drums 1987-1988), Teijo Mäkiniemi (guitar 1987-1990), Tipi Matomäki (bass 1987-1988), Mika Saaristo (guitar 2001-2002)


Singles, EPs, cassettes, albums & compilations

”The Greenhouse” 
cassette (D.I.Y.) 1989. First two demos together.
A: Blue lamp - Keep your world - Don´t you ask me why
B: I was in love - My mind´s own claustrophobia



"Take me Back / Wet & worried"
single (D.I.Y.) 1990




"Show me girl / Not yet, not again (she said)"
single (Stupido Twins Records) 1991




”Ever seen the rain, dear” 
LP / CD 1992 
A: Radioman - Churchbell chimes - Plastic gun - Please be nice (I´ve got a bomb) - Bring you the light - Dirty mind
B: My vote - Young mothers - Take me back - Blue lamp - Sad story
Bonus tracks on CD: Show me girl - Not yet, not again (she said)
(Stupido Twins, Twin 11/Twin CD 11)

”Live covers” - split EP 7” 
(with Jalla Jalla) 1993 
- Shaking street (originally by MC5)
- Yesterday´s numbers (originally by Flamin´ Groovies)
(Stupido Twins/Hiljaiset Levyt, Stupido 027, HIKS-037) 


”RoiSoi” - cassette (live with The Nightingales & Jalla Jalla)

Songs: Hero in my head - Young mothers - Blue lamp - Sad story - Churchbell chimes - Not yet, not again (she said)
(Hiljaiset Levyt, HIOR-001)


CD 1994 
Songs: Unsound - Getting over - Slit - Streamer - Dress - Keep talking - Hero in my head - Nature son - Bleak - Mould - Let me help you with that table

"Let me help you..." originally by Dirty Harry & the Spride Train
(Stupido Twins, Twincd 20) 

”UnSound” CD 1995 
(Tug Records, Germany, TUG 025)

"Sweet love, happy life” 
MCD 1995 

Songs: Crash course - Dagmar - Radiator - Fell in love, but - Julie is a junkie - Sweet love, happy life
"Julie is a junkie" originally by the Eastern dark 
(Stupido Twins, Stupido 031) 

”Doggy Bag” 
CD 1996 

Songs: Mr Glue won´t turn blue - Value - Laughing grave - Kill for spring - Placebo(y) - Shrunk - Massmurder of time - Harp fire - Vertical Blues - Pet collection - Dear machine - Junkfood for the beast - Crash course - Can´t focus on you - Baggie dog
(Stupido Twins & Tug Records, Twincd 32, TUG 045)  

”Happy Julie” - split EP 7" (with the Bushmen)

Songs: Placebo(y) - Julie is a junkie
"Julie is a junkie" originally by the Eastern dark 
(Lollipop, France, Lolli 02)   


"In Technicolor" 
CD 1998
Songs: Yellow line - Sunday Song - Progress - Face It - Wrinkles - Thinner - Sailor - Mary Mary - Hollow Me
Bonus tracks: Dagmar - Julie is a junkie
Bonus tracks from  CDEP "Sweet Love, Happy life" . "Julie is a junkie"  originally by the Eastern dark 
(Tug Records, Germany, TUG 083)   



"Pop today" cassette 1990 (Wipeout, Finland) - songs: "Blue lamp" & "I was in love"

”The violence inherent in the system” CD 1991 (NKVD Records, USA) - song: ”Take me back” (the single version)

”Finland rules” CD 1992 (Vielklang/EFA, Germany) - song: ”Dirty mind”

”Reindeer rock ´93” CD 1993 (Promoporo 3, Finland) - song: ”Sad story”

”Idioottikeskosia Vol.2: Tappajakalan paluu” EP 7” 1993 (Stupido Twins, Finland) - song: ”We gotta get out of this place” (live)

”Reindeer rock ´94” CD 1994 (Poropromo 94, Finland) - song: ”Getting over”

”Guitarmania” CD 1995 (Stupido Twins/PopZoo Productions, Finland) - song: ”Crash course”

”Fatal food 4 fat fangs” cassette 1995 (Fatal tapes, France) - song: ”Dagmar” (version from the ”Unsound” sessions)

”No brakes ´til ´96” MCD 1995 (Stupido Twins, Finland) - song: ”Crash course”

”Reindeer rock ´95” CD 1995 (Poropromo 95, Finland) - song: ”Unsound”

”Don´t Tug me up at 9:PM” CD 1996 (Tug records, Germany) - song: ”Mr Glue won´t turn blue”

”Sometimes Volume 3” cassette 1997 (Sometimes fanzine, Belgium) - songs: ”Crash course" & "Unsound”

”Wild news from the world” CD 1997 (Lollipop, France) - song: ”Fell in love, but...”

"Moving Tuggets" CD 1997 (Tug Records, Germany) - song: "Can´t focus on you"

"Wild news from...LOLLIPOP (vol.2)" CD 1999 (Lollipop, France) - song: "Placebo(y)"

"Stupido 10" CD 1999 (Stupido Twins, Finland) - song: "Getting over"

"Sivulliset" 4 CD Box 2005 (Poko Records, Finland) - song: "Show me girl"




Labels with back catalogue:
Stupido Records & TUG Records


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